Wind from Seattle

There’s a wind from Seattle
it blows for you and me
it’s plain to see
it ain’t no harmful wind

There’s a wind from Seattle
against the hypocrites
it has the power
of the seven raging seas

Unfaithful army without guns
problem kids and only sons
facing one more night in curfewed dreams
It may sound silly but it’s done
I wish I was a kid and run
where the action’s just begun

There’s a desert way out there
a land that needs to be
it ain’t no easy wind

The ground is cold and thick and hard
like those batons in the dark
you hear them come
don’t let them blow you down

Oh, wind from Seattle with a spell
can you hear the golden bells
that lead your souls up to the meeting point?
Among grenades and carousels
despite the lies that they will tell
a brand new season’s just begun

So let the kids come out to play
and resurrect a dream that’s fine
a brand new season’s just on time

(P) (C) 2008 Davide Ravera