Well I’m wired out on the highway
I’m flat, I’m broken, I ain’t got a dime
today I celebrate my seventh birthday
but I really haven’t got a lot of time

I’m wired, I’m wired
no more my brain perspires
I’m wired

Standin’ on the banks of mighty rivers
wonderin’ how a dream does sail or sink
tomorrow will be passion and returnin’
today I’ll swim those rivers of memory

But I’m wired, I’m wired
electric getaway child
I’m wired

She caught me in the desert while I’s sleepin’
she changed the weather, then she woke me up
I thought she was an angel of deception
now I run alone and wonder where she’s gone

‘cause I’m wired, I’m wired
I lost my little babe
I’m wired

I’m wired, I’m wired
don’t believe in what you fear

I’m wired

(P) (C) 2008 Davide Ravera