Born in a minor key

Only need a cable & a memory chip
for Xmas if I’m lucky I’m gonna meet you lips to cheek
just play a little louder, everyone will sing
you grew up to be blue and I was born to shake your leaf

Red river County, no one is on line
it feels like dynamite but babe did you ever know why?
last night I dreamed those snakes, they were speakin’ in tongues
the water’s full of sharks oh baby have we lived this long?

Here comes another stranger
welcome to the blues
nobody can dance like you
Sure it was strange in Houston
water on the moon
nobody that can play like you

All I remember is a fire and a minor key
and walkin’ by the creek where the frogs go leap
the girl in a hollow tree, is it me they say?
Sometimes i wanna close my eyes and make that picture go away

The hurricane was sudden, we were on a drunk
lyin’ on the pavement, the cops had closed another bar
woke up in Colorado where the water is sweet
your memory was meltin’ but you never never had no fear

A stranger in my coffee
welcome to the blues
nobody can sing like you
A little peace in Dallas
the way it used to be
born in a minor key

Here comes another sunset
the nature of the blues
oh, but I think I’m gonna see you soon
we’re gonna meet in Dallas
the way it used to be
way over yonder when we all be free

Cuidado, amigo
esto es que te digo
no ser desperdido
quiero bailar contigo
quiero escucharte
no tienes que llorar
vamos partir
que todo el mundo es libre

(P) (C) 2008 Davide Ravera